Stormy Fremantle Crossing








Jamie Paterson and I went out this evening just down the road from my new pad and after scoping the potential from our balcony, figured we would have a look around North Freo.

We weren’t disappointed and were treated with quite a show!

The afternoon started with this wooden Yacht sailing out into the storm front oblivious to the 40 knot winds that were blowing and showing us that this is the weather she was made for!

The textures and colours in the clouds this evening were really quite something and Jamie and I felt that we had accomplished something quite special at the end of the shoot!

This is the first image from this evening.


~ by True North Mark on December 1, 2010.

6 Responses to “Stormy Fremantle Crossing”

  1. Nice shot mate. I can’t wait to see the ones of her smashing into the waves. How cool are those clouds?

    It was certainly a magical evening.


    • Thanks mate.

      The wave shots are a bit soft unfortunately but I am just working up the stitch which looks like it has potential!

      Stay tuned!

  2. Very nice indeed mate I saw those beautiful colours through a small gap in my blinds while preparing for a shoot I have tomorrow down south and was thinking I should be sitting next to a good composition getting some shots but yet again I missed a golden opportunity. Great capture indeed and look forward to the stitch now to :).

  3. Hey Mark, I was going to put up a post and find out who was heading out but thought I better just hit it alone. I was actually thinking of you and jamie and thought you guys would be somewhere. It was a deluxe evening out.

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