Magic carpet clouds over Fremantle





As the evening sunset was building tonight it looked to me like a magic carpet was meandering over Fremantle. It also seemed to enhance the features in this shot, gently curving around the lighthouse and the Fremantle Maritime Museum.

A colourful start to the evening!

~ by True North Mark on December 1, 2010.

16 Responses to “Magic carpet clouds over Fremantle”

  1. Them clouds them clouds very nice indeed mate :).

  2. Great clouds, should get a few more this week as well .

  3. Those clouds are pretty damn cool mate!!

    • Thanks Tim

      The colour versions later in the evening were pretty cool as well. I’ll have a crack at them this evening.



  4. Awesome clouds Mark

  5. Awesome sky Mark!! looks like silk!

  6. Sweet mate. Really sweet. You can’t tell me that horizon is straight though. 😉

    I will throw up some images from Sandtracks tonight.


  7. Those clouds are amazing, like very long tentacles reaching out…
    Now I know I have had a couple of wines but the horizon definitely doesn’t look straight.

  8. killer sky mate, watch your blacks they look a little crushed on my screen.

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