Montgomery Reef Abstract








I was sifting through some Kimberley shots last night looking for something and found this little gem lurking in the background!

I think it would look quite nice on a wall!

This is an aerial shot I took from the True North heli last year whilst Christian and Mike were on board.

The Montgomery is one of my very favourite places in the Kimberley as it changes every time you go there. Over 600 square miles of reef that just appear out of nowhere at low tide.

The flora and fauna that lives and feeds off this reef is something else as well!


~ by True North Mark on November 29, 2010.

22 Responses to “Montgomery Reef Abstract”

  1. awesome abstract dude

  2. Hi Mark,

    Nice colours and detail in this one. Actually I’m really drawn into the detail of the sand. Wicked stuff mate.


  3. I’ll agree with Jamie and Andrew. Look good framed I reckon!

  4. How’d you miss this one? Great image….I love abstract aerial shots.

    • Thanks Sandy,

      I missed it because I had a meltdown thanks to Lightroom and all of those images are now just in a lumped folder and not categorized.

      So I was wading through them and vola..there it was…and there are quite a few more actually!

      Thanks for the comment Sandy!

  5. Very nice indeed mate love the Green in the water really stands out would make for a great canvas I think :).

  6. Hi Mark,

    A stunner … I agree with the others. One that would look great in large canvas. On my screen the sharpness and detail is top notch.

    You should do a top 10 from your 2010 collection to end the year.

    • Thanks for the positive feed back Peter.

      I might just do a top 10 as you suggested…..stay tuned!



  7. Good stuff mark! i must say i like a good aerial shot!

  8. Great shot Mark, love the texture and colours. Sounds like a place I must go explore…

    • You would love it Peta!

      With your Cessna and your eye for aerials you would nail it!

      I will be on True North again for trip 1 next year on the 12th of March which is when the Kimberley and especially Montgomery simply go off!

      Waterfalls raging around every corner and a kick butt thunderstorm every evening!

      Haven’t done trip one yet…will be very cool!



  9. like!

  10. aerials look better when you shoot straight down. I like it big buddy!

  11. Really digging this shot also, Marky. Love the sharp details and the colours.

  12. Thanks Beau…I am actually printing another Montgomery abstract as we speak!

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