Matilda Bay Panorama





This was actually the first shot I took at Matilda Bay this evening whilst the light was spotlighting various boats. I suspected that the cloud would star to break up as it started to cool off, so I was keen to get one in the bag before that happened.

~ by True North Mark on November 22, 2010.

9 Responses to “Matilda Bay Panorama”

  1. Fabulous cloud bank you’ve captured there Mark.
    Nice and sharp, I like it wide, though I was thinking just a slight crop, removing the CBD on the left.


    • Thanks heaps for the comments Thomas, Andrew, Cleggy and Jamie!

      I think I still prefer the city to be off in the background Thomas.

      Sounds like you only a stone throw away there Cleggy! Hopefully we will bump into each other out sometime soon!

  2. Couple of great shots there Mark. you definitely picked the right spot for the clouds, i thought about going to Kings park as well but opted for the Crawly Boat Shed. No were near as good as these two rippers.

  3. Very clean. Nice work Mark

  4. Hey Mark,

    You captured those clouds well. I just knew they were going to be spectacular.


  5. Beautiful. Well done. The clouds look fab in your pic, and in real life. I work within walking distance of this spot and was, frustratingly, able to see the clouds but not able to get outside!

    Well captured.

    • Thanks Belinda….I have been in that situation many times before eh!

      Like when you have visitors and some kick butt sunset comes on and all you want to do is usher them out the door so that you can escape to follow the photographic scene!

  6. Amazing clouds, good capture.

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