Fays Bay Sunset

As Jamie Paterson said in his latest post, the skies have been awesome over the last few days and last night I managed to get out to Fays Bay and Jordie over at my favourite playground…Rottnest Island.

I have shot Fays quite a few times and have also posted quite a few images of the bay, but this perspective sort of jumped out at me last night.


~ by True North Mark on November 21, 2010.

8 Responses to “Fays Bay Sunset”

  1. Nice Mark! good weekend for rotto!!
    Have you changed your sharpening technique or something? or sharpening before resizing? last few shots have seemed as bit oversharpened/contrasty so wondering if you have changed your ways.

  2. Ah k sweet mate! just looking out for a fellow blogger!
    I’ve noticed that with things like unsharp mask, and even freaky details, its best to do them at the final reduced size cos they seem to make it contrasty if you do it when the file is big and then reduce it.

  3. Nice one Mark, you can’t beat Rotto!

  4. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the link. You just can’t beat Rotto can you? I like the perspective as it feels like I’m walking down the stairs. I did something similar at Pinky’s around 10pm at night. Don’t think I ever posted it though.


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