Pikininis chilling out











As we cruised up the East Coast of PG on the mighty True North, we were invited into a number of villages for Sing Sings and ceremonies. This is Mansava Village up near Kevieng and is somewhat more advanced than some of the more Southern villages.

They even had a key board and a 1kva genset, blended together with wooden drums and a guitar!

The show was awesome and the kids, especially the boys got right into the show.

What walking around after the show it became very evident to me that it was normal for elder kids to look out for their younger brothers and sisters and I guess why it stuck out for me was simply that in western societies the norm is for kids to simply not want to be seen around their brothers and sisters.

This shot shows 2 brothers chilling out whilst the young one was savouring some soda water. The light glowing on their golden afros attracted me to the shot!

~ by True North Mark on November 19, 2010.

4 Responses to “Pikininis chilling out”

  1. Hey Mark, Sounds like a cool place. all ya shots make me want to get to the south pacific again!
    Was this shot high iso handheld or something? looks a bit funky/noisy ?

  2. Once I check out the rest of Australia, I’ll have to see PNG. The lifestyle difference will be very interesting to see.

    • Indeed Peter,

      I rare PNG as the most beautiful, clean and friendly country I have ever seen!

      You need to bypass the trouble spots in order to find the gold and our itinerary does that very well!

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