PNG Tranquil Waters








Here is another version of a previous shot I took in the same location. I think this one actually works better and I am very happy with the outcome.

This is where our fellow blogger Mr. Bo Jangles spent 3 hours in the water…that’s why he didn’t get any shots like this! He was making up for 38 years of not snorkelling in one foul swoop!

Don’t worry mate…CF and I still managed to get some gold whilst you were getting wet!

~ by True North Mark on November 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “PNG Tranquil Waters”

  1. This one is looks a lot better Mark, some of the yellows removed?

  2. Oh take me back there, dump me in the water for the full day. The hell with my camera, I want to snorkel in this water forever. It was so gorgeous and spellbinding. The best snorkel day was still the wall with the endless abyss but this Friday was a close second. I even saw a snake and a small shark. Just happy the two musketeers in the boat did not run me over 🙂

    The image is quite stunning tropical paradise postcard. Doesn’t really have drama, but has serene tranquil escape to paradise feel for sure.

    • That’s the idea mate…not every shot needs drama I reckon…in fact I have been accused that all of my shots have too much drama before…so this is me doing the no drama gig!

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