More PNG Tranquility without Drama!








Here’s another one for you Bomont! I love the texture in the water in this image. I reckon it would way cool on canvas!


~ by True North Mark on November 18, 2010.

6 Responses to “More PNG Tranquility without Drama!”

  1. Hey Mark, these images from PNG are awesome. The water clarity is amazing. Did you guys wet a line while you were there or was it all photography business as usual. I agree on the canvas but a nice ali print would also do it some supreme justice. Cheers Adrian

    • Thanks for the heads up Adrian…I will keep that in mind and thanks for the comment! This could have been you on your honeymoon mate! 🙂

      No we didn’t go fishing at all…too many photo opportunities!

  2. Sorry for the drama comment mate, was just thinking out loud as it’s something I am going through with my own images. Not necessarily always having drama, you’re right about that – but having interest, conflict, drama and a story. I am just at a point where I want to take good ‘ugly’ pictures if that makes any sense (like most of what I go on about, it probably doesn’t hehe)

    I wanted to try fishing but there was not enough time, so much to shoot and so many places to snorkel!

    • No need to apologies mate…your comments are always welcome and valued, but possibly in a totally opposite way to your thinking currently, I am looking for less drama at the moment as most of my shots have drama if that makes sense?

      • I know what you mean, I would say most of my images have a dramatic touch an otherworldly feel to them as well from the colours, the weather, the light. But I am now thinking of an entirely new direction, including story telling and altered landscapes. So yeah our landscapes have plenty drama, a bit of serenity is always good too especially for the busy hectic go hard Three Musketeers 🙂

        More in my new blog post, up in about 15 mins.

      • Hi Bo…yep agree with all that!

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