Rabaul Volcano Aerial








Greggy asked me to post one of the aerials of the Rabaul Volcano. I think this is the best perspective I got as the light was not ideal thats for sure!

I spot an abstract series that I will put together next that could look OK so stay tuned!

~ by True North Mark on November 17, 2010.

7 Responses to “Rabaul Volcano Aerial”

  1. Excellent, Markie!

    Love the sun on the green of the volcano in the background, while the dual exhaust of the one in the foreground just smoulders. Very brooding.

    Meanwhile, in contrast to the green, there’s the black ash and lava remnants all around that swallowed up the buildings in your first shot in your previous volcano suite. Should make a great package (without needing to get too abstract, I would think).

    Thanks mate for posting.

  2. Extraordinary Mark, not something you see everyday.

  3. Great shot, The light might not be perfect but the composition is good. Is that on Marks island ?

    • He he Hodgy! Nah it’s a bit bigger than Markies island!

      Thanks also Thomas for the feedback.



  4. Composition is bloody gold mate! Post processing looks a bit edgy to me again, very contrasty. I think the TNFP filter on this would rock.

    This is the home of the Volcano Visual Artist Pioneers – the volcano of Raboul 😀

    • Hi Bomont!

      Thanks mate…will have a look at the TNFP filter to see if I can lift it a bit.

      Signing off as VVAP No.1!

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