Milne Bay Warrior

When we arrived in Alotau last Saturday, instead of heading out as we normally would, we heard that there was a festival in Milne Bay, so we decided to stick around to join in on the festivities.

This shot typifies the proud traditional dancing that goes on with such festivities and I have my little buddy Christian to thank for a couple of techniques he showed us whilst on board that made an OK image come to life…..thanks mate!

Everyone on board benefitted from Christians knowledge and his passion, from even the most basic photographer with a point and shoot to the few on board who were competent in their own right.


~ by True North Mark on November 14, 2010.

7 Responses to “Milne Bay Warrior”

  1. Nice one mate, hope they didn’t come up to you muttering something about ‘long pig’!

    • No mate…and they didn’t have any special spas organised either with nice herbal content such as onions and carrots!

      But seriously, I find the PNG people to be the friendliest and most beautiful people on the planet actually!

      • It’s a telling point when people who by western standards are dirt poor are actually some of the most generous and friendly people on earth! Not to mention the fact that they were sometimes feared as cannibals.
        Western society has something to learn from them perhaps?

      • Western society has something to learn from them for sure Tim!

        Everytime I go back I get more and more amazed at just how content they are and reflect myself as to what it is that I really need out of life!

  2. Nice one Mark, and great work with making the subject stand out.
    It’s good to see living cultures.

    • Thanks Thomas…this culture is a stand out for me. They are very proud and also very organized.



  3. That festival was so much fun, a true local event. I learned some great tricks from Christian’s photoshop wizardry as well and I like what you have done with the background here. Possibly it is slightly overdone, making the background separation too strong, almost turning it into two images. His head is right in the bullseye composition as well, but not sure if you can crop the top a bit.

    Tourisms brings out the wrong people, bullies looking for quick money. In places like PNG, Laos etc. when one visits remote areas and meets locals they are the kindest, warmest, smiling people you can imagine.

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