Rabaul Volcano action



















Yesterday, Flemming Bo Jensen, Greggy Munyard and I went off on a wonderful adventure to the Rabaul Volcano site.

After seeing it from the air this time round (missed out last year with Hackman 1 and 2), I decided that we should arrange for a trip over there on the land to see what we could capture…and capture we did…gold that is!

We arranged for some locals to take us over in one of their long boats which road exceptionally well. With a 15 knot side breeze blowing and about 20 km to run that was indeed a blessimng.

When we got to the site, we knew that the effort had been well worth it and photo opportunities started appearing behind every hill!

Here is just a cross section of what I captured over there…more to come when I get time.

You might note that my little buddy Christian was missing in action! I don’t think he thought it was going to be quite as good as it was…kicking himself now he is!

~ by True North Mark on November 12, 2010.

33 Responses to “Rabaul Volcano action”

  1. Good stuff mark, I like the 3rd shot aerial, Could get a cool square crop out of it rekon, good textures happening for sure!
    Looks like some potential in the last shot too, rekon you could play around with the crop too, lose some of the empty space in the left and bottom.
    Looks like you guys are still having a great time! when you back to reality? Christian must still be feeling down in the dumps about the phase to not want to go on that little adventure. Be amazing to see even without a camera!

  2. Awesome shots Mark, looks like an amazing place.

  3. Great shots Mark. Unique perspectives and subject matter. The bottom shot is a cracker. Also like the simplicity of the top shot. Is that a laval flow?
    Looks like you’re have great time eh?

  4. awesome work over there mate.

  5. Mate. Some gold in there. The aerials are awesome. Two contrasting images one full of colour and one full of mystery. The bottom image is a corker. Are there stitching issue in the water horizon, or just the shape of the lake? Nice stuff.

  6. Now there’s some great shots, that first aerial is a cracker!

  7. Hi Mark Ive got to agree there are some crackers. Im trying to sort out Christians issue, could you please get him to ring me . I have a cunning plan.

  8. Follow the HACKS mate, they will lead you to the promise land im telling ya.. What do you guys think of the bag so far, is it cutting the mustard mate ?

  9. ReMARKable images. You sure do get around. thanks for sharing. Clive.

    • Thanks for all the excellent comments everyone…it has been an amazing True North adventure once again and Christian is already showing signs of depression!

      Ben Christian will call you sometime today.

      We have been so busy on this trip we have only managed to work up a few images, but we all have heaps in the computers, so stay tuned!

      I am looking fwd to Flemming and Christians posts in the not too distant future!

  10. Mark the first and last two are very nice!!! remind me of Iceland! very cool, Poor Christian must suck to be out there and not have your best equipment to use!

  11. Nicely done Mark, the two aerial shots are great! Not every day you get to shoot a volcano…. unless you are CF. LOL

  12. Top shot is a ‘top shot!’

    • Thanks heaps Sandy and Tim…back in Cairns now and I think CF is still contemplating what could have been at the Volcano site!



  13. Love the first shot, in particular. Very mysterious.

    • Thanks Belinda…yes it has received a few good comments, both on the blog and on the boat.



  14. Great shots Mark ! What an eeerily amazing landscape !

    • Yeah Tone there is some gold there for sure…we could have spent all day there easily!



  15. Flemming Bo of the Volcanic Visual Artists Pioneers (VVAP) checking in to say what a fantastic trip this was! We got gold at that volcano, gold I tell ya! Cheers Mark, you da man, if ya don’t go ya don’t get it 😀 😀

    • F8 and be there little buddy…that is a good way to start eh! I just read your post on your blog mate…you are the word magician thats for sure! Great to have you on board mate and very glad we met and exceeded your expectations.

  16. Crushed my finger yesterday and had to have the whole nail removed. Theses shots make it hurt even more. Thanks Markie…

    The world is a cruel, cruel place. I would of been with you mate. Wouldn’t let an opportunity like that go by.

    • Ouch little buddy!

      That sounds painful indeed.

      I am sure you would have been there for sure mate!



  17. Hey Mark,

    I love Volcanic greens. Aerial abstracts are so cool when you get the right subject don’t they?



    • Indeed Jamie…I have a heap of them so I will work more up as time permits.

      I will have a look at your Coogee post in a mo.

  18. Some great shots there Mark, especially like the aerials…Looks like you made the most of your time there.

    • Yep it was pretty full on Peta…would love to go back there to capture a sunset at the volcano!

      We slept pretty well last night for sure!



  19. Hey Mark,
    Mate I love the image with the grass in the foreground eh well I would hang it on my wall any day awesome shot indeed mate :).

    • Thanks Brett…you are the first one who liked that image, so it looks like you and me who have the god taste eh!

  20. Hey Markie
    Great shots from an amazing landscape. How often do you get to go into a remote location like that, less than 20 years after a volcano has wiped everything out? I climbed to the top of Mt Vesuvius last year, and also walked through Pompeii and saw all the devastation but this landscape was altered so recently that it was more amazing in some ways. Was awesome to see the volcanic silt covered buildings up to plate high and above. Your first shot captures that, and the bridge remnants beautifully.

    “True North” does it again! OK, so it wasn’t part of the original plan. I’m so grateful to you mate for being able to go on land and see it all, as part of Mr Bo Jangles’ Volcano Visual Artist Pioneers Team. A priceless opportunity. And what an exhilarating trip over, eh?

    Hey how about posting one of those great shots you took from the chopper, looking down onto the active volcano?!

    • Thanks Greggy!

      It was great to have you along mate and it was a real adventure eh…kist what we like!

      I will do as you ask for my next post.



  21. Impressive Mark. The aerials are my favourites for sure

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