Luscernque Islands PNG and Pikinini beauty


















We have a very depressed Christian on board just now…this morning at Luscernque he slipped on a rock and dropped his Phase in the water and it now has some issues! The playing field has now been levelled as he is now back onto the Canon 5D MK2.

The top image is of a beautiful little Pikinini who was standing on the beach as we came out from a jungle walk.

Luscernque Islands once again turned it on this morning for those of us who had not dropped our camera in the water!!


~ by True North Mark on November 9, 2010.

34 Responses to “Luscernque Islands PNG and Pikinini beauty”

  1. Tell Christian that he’ll have to get ANOTHER replacement when he gets back! Either that or buy a real camera! Go the BLAD!!!

    Btw sounds like something I would do!

  2. Ahhhh the good old 1Ds MkIII will keep shooting after being in the water won’t it Mark. 🙂

  3. That’s heavy! That phase is cursed

  4. Poor bastard, send my commisertions, surely with his insurance he has the option of having a replacement flown to him in any part of the world !!

    • We were just talking about that Adrian…I reckon I could get a job jumping in replacement cameras to people who trash their camera eh!

  5. Looks amazing over there! Making me miss it even more!
    Where are the Luscernque Islands in relation to Kavieng? You guys heading up that way?

    • Hi Steve,

      They are north East of Tufi, so a fair way south of Keivieng and yes we get there. That is where we finish up actually.

  6. I guess I’d better pay that insurance bill. Good one dopey. At least I had my water housing on when I fell into the drink.

  7. Why couldn’t he of dropped the 5D I need an upgrade. Hang on a sec there is still time. What a dick!!!!!!

  8. Amazing pics Mark. The shot of the island with that cloud cover is stunning.

  9. F*ck… he must be devastated……

    hope the bag is ok ! ! !


    • You’re a funny guy Rodney!

      Reckon you should pay that insurance bill Mikie Mike!

      Thanks for the comment Kheng!

  10. bugger bugger bugger! I’m happy to fly in, drop off a replacement and hang out on TN for a while 🙂

  11. Great shots Mark! I can well imagine Christian is depressed, he’ll just have to make do with the stone-age 5D. At least he will fit in now!

  12. Could be the best thing to happen to CF in a while dropping that lemon in the water.

    Hope the rest of you are enjoying yourselves.

    Hows Flemming holding up, no word as yet !!

    • I think he’s speechless Merv!

      But he has posted last night.

    • Hey Merv, I wanted to spend all my time in the paradise that is PNG and not in front of my MAC screen so I only borrowed Mark’s internet for one post. It was truly Paradise Found, I am still speechless, but a few words and images coming up in the next weeks.

  13. Liking all the photos so far Mark! shame about the Phase! hopefully the back isn’t damaged that’s the expensive part to fix!

  14. Oh dear! Hope that the trip is making up for his loss??

  15. I was walking next to CF as it happened, he wiped out completely on a slippery rock (of course he wore thongs, go barefoot mate) and put the Phase in the sand just as a wave came in…remarkably bad luck and he broke the record for most F words in shortest time. I felt gutted for the poor fella, but still, we had to rub it in a bit having constantly been told how shitty our sharpness and dynamic range was. Now Christian had to actually work, get in there and get the shots, think about exposure, no more sitting back and cropping and underexposing everything by 5 stops just because you can 😀

    Do not temp Karma as poor Christian learned going from 65megapixels and 14stops of dynamic range to zero zero in the time it takes for one thong to wipe out totally on a rock!

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