First PNG images













Things have gone off to a cracking start here at PNG. We came across this wonderful tiny island and just off the island was this cool little log.

I spotted the opportunity from the True North heli and then convinced Captain Brad to allow us to go back and capture the gold and then catch him up after he weighed anchor.

The first day we were treated to a canoe festival in Milne Bay which was an array of colour and festivities.

The second image of 2 of the dugouts coming in after the race.


~ by True North Mark on November 7, 2010.

6 Responses to “First PNG images”

  1. wow. nice photos. i like the top one best. lots of color.

  2. Like the canoe image Mark! Looking forward to seeing what you Flemming & Christian come up with.

  3. Mark, I myself love the Log photo, have you tried it as a B&W? I reckon it’d be a cracker!

  4. …and so it begins! Love the canoe shot, the colours are amazing…keep ’em coming 🙂

  5. First eh – out there shooting while the others are gas-bagging?? Looking forward to some serious competition between the photobloggers on board. I hope you’re not going too far into the mountains – there’s still some scary stuff happening up there 😕

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone…yep the boys are lagging behind a bit…gas bagging too much for sure and having way toomuchfun!

    Haven’t had a look at Black and White Brice..but will do.

    Its pretty safe where we cruise there Muzz…the most friendly people I have ever met in the world actually!

    Off to evening cocktails just now…will post some more later this evening.

    Christian has one cracker he has just finished…stay tuned!

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