Off to PNG on True North!!!


I am off in the morning to join the mighty True North once again in PNG. We have on board Christian Fletcher and Flemming Bo Jensen who are both very excited about getting on board and seeing what PNG has to offer…’True North Style’!

We will all be posting live off the boat to stay tuned to all of our blogs for the ultimate ‘Blog Off’!

We should arrive on the boat midday on Saturday so probably the first posts will be on Sunday sometime, time permitting.


~ by True North Mark on November 4, 2010.

16 Responses to “Off to PNG on True North!!!”

  1. Safe travels and don’t have too much have fun!

  2. enjoy you trip fellas

  3. Have fun, very envious….look forward to the posts…My daughter and son-in law spent 2 mths surfing PNG looks a great place..

    • Indeed it is Peta….I rate it as the prettiest, cleanest, and friendliest country I have ever visited!

      Once you bypass Port Morseby which we do via a Charter Aircraft straight into Alotau or Keivieng, then the outlying islands are just fantastic!

      Everything from tropical vistas, to huge mountains and waterfalls, to active volcanoes, not to mention the culture and the daily sing sings we get to see!!

  4. Have an awesome trup mate! wish i was on there!! Have a few SP’s for me!

  5. have fun mateeeee

  6. PNG was an awesome trip last year…. You wont have as much fun as you did with team HACK, but it will still be great……. Looking forward to the blogs. If Albert is staying in Camden harbour room, tell him to look after my place will ya ! !

  7. Have a good trip Markie “BASTARDO”

    • I resemble that Mikie Mike!

      It’s gonna be strange without the video Hackman on board!:)



  8. Jealous 🙂 Can’t wait to see more epic images of PNG. Have a great trip!

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