Karijini Whirlpool Colours








After a run of water based shots recently I felt the need to get back to some earthy colours, so of course went back to my old favorite..Karijini!

I found this one lurking in the archives and was a product of a light painting session with my old Buddy Brent Pearson…the light painting guru!

Incidently he was in town last night and we caught up and talked photo stuff for most of the night over a lamb roast…awlays great to catch up with Brent.

I love the colours and textures in this image and the way the light has brought out more colours than would have been possible without light painting.

~ by True North Mark on October 28, 2010.

12 Responses to “Karijini Whirlpool Colours”

  1. your shot of this turned out better than mine mate

  2. nice mate, great colours and im liking that strong diagonal, would look great as a square i rekon too

  3. Hi Mark,

    Nice stuff mate. I think Matt is right this probably would suit a square format. Got to love those Earthy colours

  4. I have had another look gents and I feel that the square crop would lose the cool looking water stopper on the right…so as is it stays! šŸ™‚

  5. Nice treatment, I remember this spot well. Good for some swirling water.

    • Thanks little buddy…not long till PNG now.

      I am in Bankok just now enroot to Korea!



  6. Very nice Mark. The colours on the rocks look amazing.

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