Rottnest Island Fays Bay Sunset




What a start to the season at Rottnest we have had over the last 2 weekends!

As we cruised over Friday evening this sunset started to build. I literally pulled up on the mooring and bolted for Fays Bay where I could see the action starting to happen.

Possibly one of the most difficult stitches I have put together I reckon and the first attempt went in the bin…but I persevered and I am pretty happy with the results.

I have some other gold ready to work up as the midday clarity was as good as I have seen over here!

~ by True North Mark on October 17, 2010.

22 Responses to “Rottnest Island Fays Bay Sunset”

  1. Very fiery – great mix of reds with the water colours there buddy 🙂

  2. Looks like a good start to the season, great colors…

  3. Great colours the stitching effort was definitely worth it. i did see some beautiful clouds last night as well.

    • Thanks Cleggy and Peta

      Too busy cooking up whiting and tuna to get out last night, but got some gd in the middle of the day!



  4. Mark, Hoping you got some photos of the classic boat in Longreach over the weekend?

  5. Awesome colours Mark and I like the fact that you left the people in the shot.

  6. Great shot Mark! I really like the way you captured us walking back empty handed! Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Hopey…I have a good skydiving mate called Hopey…any relation? 🙂

      It wasn’t from a lack of trying that you ended up empty handed!

  7. nice one markie love the colours mate

  8. So those promising clouds really delivered! Sweet image Markie, colours are outstanding. I feel a bit far away from the sunset watching the image, a shot from the point in the distance would be interesting to see.

    • Thanks Bomont!

      The trouble is that there is not a lot of point of interest out there and also I would not have had the time to get there as I only just made this one!



  9. hi mark,just saw great photo of fays bay at rotto, what would a print of this be worth for about 1m x 60cm or thereabouts

  10. Great photo Mark, a very tranquil foreground and as others have mentioned, a fiery background. Looks excellent!

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