Classic Wooden Boat in Long Reach











This one’s for Julie!

I am guessing that Julie is one of the Owner’s of this old classic wooden boat that was just behind us at Long Reach, Rottnest Island this weekend.

How good was the weekend at Rottnest! A 12 out of 10 I reckon! Light Easterlies in the mornings and then back to no wind the water clarity was out of this world!

The Sea breeze on the way home was a light 8 knots up the butt.

I love these old classic boats and they really make for some great photos especially when you get the clouds to do the righty as they were on the weekend.

Well done Julie, if this is your boat!

~ by True North Mark on October 17, 2010.

18 Responses to “Classic Wooden Boat in Long Reach”

  1. I love those old wooden boats, you see quite a few in Sydney Harbour. Great clouds, which night was this taken?

    • Friday evening Matt…just before sunset.

      • Thought so, I was down by the Helena River wishing I had taken my camera that night. Saturday’s sunset was naff, and I had the bleeding thing out with me on a round of the State Rally Championship, hoping for a repeat!

      • Yep it was a bit tame on Saturday eh!

      • Yep, still, cloudless and on a rally… Dusty, might have a few images from it thought as I was playing with ISO 6400 between cars. This setting sees trees’ where we see night! It also got me some photos of raucous panel damage!

      • Cool…have fun mate!

  2. good weather on the weekend ay! I was over at rotto on sat for the day was bloody nice!. went for a paddle early at chickens too, was small but the odd fun one coming in every 10mins or so!

    • You should have come and got me mate! I was at Long Reach just the Bride and I.

      Thought it would have been too small so didn’t bother!

      Fantastic weekend over there…one of the best I have seen for a while actually!

  3. Great pic Mark, love those clouds..was going to take the plane over for the day but the garden was calling….

  4. Lovely shot indeed Mark those clouds yet again eh mate 🙂

  5. Thanks Mark, Great photo of Atami (classic boat) – How can I get hold of it?
    Great birthday pressie!!

  6. You know mate, Ive never owned a boat, never wanted for a boat…however your pictoial depiction of boat ownership makes me wonder. Take a large dose of talent and mix with an obvious passion and you get some fantastic results. Keep it up mate.

  7. whatever size you think looks the best how about a 12×8″ or something similar

  8. Looking very idyllic there mate – nice shot !

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