Where’s Wally? !!! :)





I was going through some of my Karijini RAW shots and found this little gem lurking. I have called it ‘Where’s Wally, coz there is a guy in some sluggos in the image about to go for a dip!

See if you can find him!

~ by True North Mark on October 14, 2010.

13 Responses to “Where’s Wally? !!! :)”

  1. Hey Mark,

    I haven’t looked for him yet but I like the shot.

  2. Beautiful image mate, I bloody hope that Wally is wearing Budgie smugglers, kinda looks like the nuding up option. Either way, I’d be sending Wally back to where he belongs……

  3. awesome image mark! where abouts at Karijini is this?

  4. I think I see Wally…he’s not wearing his hat though and like Andrew I sincerely hope he’s not skinny dipping in the gorge 🙂

    Such awesome rock colours here, classic Karijini.

    • Indeed Bomont…the rock colours are awesome and I didn’t pinch them up at all!

      Wally has budgie smugglers on I reckon!



  5. bottom right – just about to jump in

  6. Very good, but I must confess I couldn’t find it until I read Toms comment, new glasses in order…..

  7. Bottom right I think. Beaut shot mate. Have a good weekend Mark

    • Thanks Dave…a great start with a cracker sunset at Rotto last night!

      Just about to work up an image now!



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