Rottnest Island Beach Colours






One more from Rotto the other night…This image typifies the beautiful wildflower colours that are out right now just near the waters edge!


~ by True North Mark on October 11, 2010.

12 Responses to “Rottnest Island Beach Colours”

  1. Now you’re just doing my head in. I’m in!

  2. Nice tones in here mate, I’d include more of the tree on the left or clone it out.

  3. Nice peaceful image Mark. I’m with Andrew, ditch the branches on the LH side.

  4. G’day Mark,
    great photos of Rotto. heard it was beautiful over there last week.
    I have linked you to my blog hope thats alright?

    • I Ben, thanks for the comment and for visiting. Thanks for the link…no probs there!

      I see you are a newby to the blog world…welcome!

      It is a lot of fun and there are some great people in Blog World that I am sure you will meet along the way as I have!

      Rotto is beautiful…we are off again this weekend!

  5. Looks like there is some nice cloud around hope to see some more good photos from Rotto then. Have fun.

    • On the way to Rotto as we speak Cleggy!

      You’re right the building sunset is looking waycool!

      Stay tuned!

  6. looking forward to it mate cant wait to see those awesome pics, looked great from this side.

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