Rottnest Sungrass






This is the last shot from Rotto this weekend and for sure what attracted me to it is that awesome glowing grass on teh right and of course the cool tree lying on its side.

Next week down at True North Ashore so some more down south vistas coming up next weekend!

~ by True North Mark on October 10, 2010.

10 Responses to “Rottnest Sungrass”

  1. Really like this one Mark. I can see why you shot this one, that grass has some great texture and the trees’ balance it nicely. I’m going to have to get me to Rotto one day, I still haven’t made it. Are you organising another photographic jaunt out there this summer?

    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the comment mate!

      We were looking at doing the 3 day sortie I put up a few months ago, but we got no takers so we canned it unfortunately.

      I think my partner Craig has arranged something else in the only few days we have available before refit so we will have to give it a miss this year…maybe next year!

      • I’m going come hell or high water1

      • You will have to wait a while Matt, but I will make sure I give you the personal invite!

      • Ta, I’ve only been here in Perth 31 years and i still haven’t made it to Rotto!

      • Matt…let me tell you something in strict confidence!

        I have travelled all around the world selling boats and various other activities and I can tell you that Rottnest is the best kept secret in the world!

        The beaches over there rate with as good as you will see anywhere, the diving and snorkelling is exceptional, the surf is unreal and the landscapes are endless!

        Shhhhhhhhh :)!

      • I’m already looking forward to it. The best way to find Rotto is with Photographers’, just like Karijini.

      • Maybe… But Rotto is very activity based as well so some self exploring will bring back gold!



  2. I’m not sure I would have picked this as Rotto if you hadn’t told me. For sure there are plenty of beautiful out-of-the-way spots that are still easy to get to if you know where to look. Would like to see a quokka cloned in on the beach, just for fun 🙂

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