Rottnest season is back again!!!



The Rottnest season is now on again and we started it off with our very good friends, Con, Jenny, Greggy and Reece.

A great feed of whiting was caught caught yesterday arvo and then we cooked them up Tempura just after sunset.

Greggy Reece and I went out down near Kingston Barracks and these trees caught my eye.

I think this scene is quite typical of Rottnest landscapes and I think it typifies the island quite well

~ by True North Mark on October 10, 2010.

14 Responses to “Rottnest season is back again!!!”

  1. Sweet shot Mark. You are right it does capture the feel of Rotto really well. That boat on the left is a little distracting to me though. I love the colours in the water as well.

    Ahhhh Rotto.


    • You caught me mate!

      I planned to clone the boat out when I worked it up at Rotto, but forgot and posted it too early.

      Go back in a mo and it will be fixed!

  2. Nice capture Mark, love the tree with the rocks.

  3. Really sweet now Mark. 🙂

  4. Looks gorgeous Mark, nice soft hues and a pleasent mix of textures – Might need to get rid of the half a boat in the left of frame before it sinks though 🙂

  5. Good old Rotto from the Rotto King 🙂 Sweet mate, there are so interesting layers in the water, different colours etc contrasting with the layers and detail in the rock and tree. Good one!

  6. Nice shot Mark! Heaps of cool colors and textures going on!

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