Cable Beach Patterns

One of the wonderful things about the Kimberley is the huge tides that happens up there and with the tides come some amazing patterns and features.

This image is simply alive with such patterns, from the fingers in the sand, to the wave lines further out and then up to the amazing detail in the sky that seemed to evolve in some way to compliment what was on the ground.

There are also numerous crab patterns that I saw in other areas outside of this photo that were also really cool!

Hope you like it!

~ by True North Mark on October 6, 2010.

8 Responses to “Cable Beach Patterns”

  1. Hi Mark,
    That is an amazing image mate love that sky and the detail in the clouds awesome just one thing did you blend a couple of exposures manually to get this image mate or a good grad ;).

    • No single shot Brett!

      Put a digital Grad on in Camera Raw and then worked it up slowly in CS5.

      The dynamic range wasn’t too much off the scale actually…I think the clouds helped!

      • Yeah the image is great mate eh I was just wondering because of the sun set is all but those clouds get me every time mate you have a great technique going there eh 🙂

      • Thanks Brett…another one coming off the machine as we speak!

        Stay tuned!

  2. swell image Mark, plenty going on in it.

  3. Very pretty Mark. Hope you’re teaching CF your sky technique so he can teach us at the Bunker Bay workshop. 😉

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