Cool bow shot of the True North

Going through some of the Rowley’s images I found this image of True North lurking in the background. The reflections are waycool!

~ by True North Mark on October 4, 2010.

22 Responses to “Cool bow shot of the True North”

  1. Nice image Mark!

  2. That is a cool looking shot. Well done Markie

  3. Cool shot Mark!

  4. awesome work Mark. I’d be using this as a promo image for the True North

  5. Sweet mate. Really sweet.

  6. Nice wide shot, nice silky water.

  7. Beautiful reflection, what a place it is….

  8. This shot reminds me of those old art deco posters of cruise liners…great stuff!

  9. I concur, It’s a great shot. It does look a lot like the Art Deco Tourist Posters from the 20’s and 30’s too.

  10. Cracker shot Mr Stothard, taken from a tender or where you taking a quick dip !
    also like the previous moonscape very cool also cheers Adrian

    • Thanks Matt and Adrian,

      Yep from a True North tender with Mikie Mike shooting vid!



  11. Very interesting viewpoint and the final result is great. You must have been keeping very still in the tender to keep Mike’s horizon level – so glassy.

    • Yep…I was being very carefull as we drifted past the bow and pinged this off and we cruised past.



  12. Nice one Markie. Almost missed this one. Well actually half missed it. Friggin beds on True North are so friggin comfy I accidently slept in a bit.

    Thanks for the wake up call bud tee hee!!!!!

    • No I blew it on that occassion mate…I was salivating so much at what was going on I just didn’t think…too bloody early to think in any case!

      Sorry for the lack of wake up call Mikie Mike!



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