Cable Beach Moonset

Not sure about this one, but my wife likes it so it must be OK!

I took this the morning we were going to leave on True North for the Rowleys just before sunrise on Cable Beach.

The tide was out and left some cool gullies to capture the moon reflection.

The wide angle made for some interesting light twists in the image!

~ by True North Mark on October 3, 2010.

13 Responses to “Cable Beach Moonset”

  1. Stunning Mark, stunning! A very interesting image, that’s one for the wall.

    • Thanks Matt…haven’t herad from you for a while…where you been mate?

      • I had a real bad case of the flu after getting back from Sydney. I had all the symptoms of swine flu! Got 3 Weeks off work for it but I’ve been either asleep or reading. Hope to start to getting into my Sydney images this week. I feel the need to post and revive my blog..
        Watched ‘Reservoir Dogs’ last night, the end credits…. ‘Put the lime in the coconut…’

      • Sorry to hear that Matt, but glad to hear you’re on the mend.

        There have been some doozy flues going around this year and I know quite a few crew who have fallen victem!

        Very funny about the credit song mate!



      • Thank’s mate, it was a tough one to kick and it still lingers…
        It’s been a bad year for flu, a colleague was off for longer, I know of other’s who were of for 2-4 weeks. Sleep is the ultimate cure! Go easy on the crew, I’m still fuzzy 5 weeks on. I need to work the song into a ring tone.

  2. Your starting to sound like CF with the wife likes this one so it must be ok!!!! Pretty sweet shot though Mark!! Hope Mike behaved himself on True North this Trip!! No dacing injuries??? hahaha

    • Hey Kym…yep I know it did sound a bit like CF..but like him…my wife is my best critic and usually when she rates a shot it gets the comments!

      Mike was very subdued on this trip as I think he was plain worn out! As usual he got some great stuff so very much looking fwd to the footage!

  3. You the sky and the stars which I love to death. It is a strange image though with the moon and reflections but it’s growing on me, has an undefinable quality to it. I’ll have to look some more and come back but it’s very interesting.

    • Sweet Bo…the fact I have you looking twice is enough of an accolade for me!

      • I have looked again 🙂 I love the colours, composition and lines here. I can’t decide on the moon, whether it would be better or worse with a ‘normal’ exposure moon without the flare. Love to see you capturing stuff like this, gets one thinking as it’s quite different.

      • Sweet Bomont!

        Thanks for the feedback mate!



  4. It’s a captivating image with lots of lines and elements but they all seem balanced and interesting in their own right. Never sure how those bright speculars translate to print – I guess it’s down to the paper choice then. Nevertheless it’s really interesting and glad you took the time to shoot it.

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