Bedwell Clarity

This shot is obviously taken at a similar location to my previous Bedwell Island shot, but the amazing thing about this place is the tides and how quickly the same composition changes. In the 20 minutes or so that I was shooting here, the tide went from totally covering the sand lines to them being fully exposed!

PT Gui couldn’t handle the stitch so I pulled it together manually in Photoshop. I have worked out a pretty cool technique that works for these sort of shots where there is not enough constant detail.

Hope you like the shot!


~ by True North Mark on October 2, 2010.

9 Responses to “Bedwell Clarity”

  1. Strange, I would think there would be plenty of detail in those ripples for PTgui to automatically find stitch points. Of course you can add them manually. But anyway, whatever gets you results !

    I love the simplicity, no surprises there. Works well with these few elements, the colours, the leading lines are wicked. For me, the right side is too wide with lines that almost run backwards. I would crop a chunk of the right side, just my opinion mate otherwise it’s cool!

  2. Now that’s inviting ! Cracking image Mark – I want be there now ! It is frustrating when PS or PTgui won’t automatically align stuff, though I will say I haven’t used PTgui for quite a while now as PS has been doing a better job of late. I’d still be interested to hear your technique.
    cheers 🙂

    • Thanks for the comments Bo and Tone.

      Bo, the ripples are always different, that’s why pt GUI won’t work.

      For me the big chunk of white beack kinda works on the right.

      Tone, I might do a post on the technique when I get a mo.



  3. Hey Mark,

    I know where I’d like to be right now thanks to this photo. Sitting under a brolly on that island.


    • Hi Jamie

      Thanks for that…yep it’s a pretty special, remote, untouched, well kept secret that offers those who make the efford all sorts of wonders!



  4. Its becoming harder and harder to find those untouched secrets isn’t? They need to be treasured and respected and more importantly kept pristine.


  5. Now that’s a very inviting vista. How do you keep everyone out of your shots – do you get first dibs on the tender? 🙂

    • It’s right at the back of the island Muzz and a bit of a walk.

      The other end is just as nice and close to where the tenders drop you off so the guests tend to hang out there.

      Also remember that there are only 36 guests on board and 6 tenders doing variou activities so there was only a handful on the island in any case!



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