True North Sunrise Blue at the Rowley Shoals

How are the colours in this shot and how dead calm the water is!

Not bad eh!


~ by True North Mark on October 1, 2010.

19 Responses to “True North Sunrise Blue at the Rowley Shoals”

  1. Heya Mark I just can’t understand how you think all this awesome stuff could be so much fun and relaxation and at the same time getting all these great images hmm yeah well next year I guess I will understand hopefully as I can’t afford to have such a great time this year jealous yeah I am mate, your getting some amazing images mate indeed keep up the awesome work eh :).

  2. Nice one again Mark, What a glass off….

  3. She is a beauty. Well captured here. Jamie and Stephen Williams were so kind to me in words the other day I think we think I now have such a huge head the True North’s gonna sit low in the water. Fortunately I compensate for my huge head with featherweight mountaineer physique!

    • I am sure we have enough bouyancy to cater for the ‘big head’ dude!

      Thanks for the comment as well Peta.



  4. Aaah, the serenity. Love to see the underside of the water, it would be full of activity at that time of the day, quite the opposite. Enjoying the photos mate, I don’t comment much, but love them all.

  5. hi mark , great shots from the rowley’s . what an amazing trip , nearly all of us gathered at the sunset bar thursday night to catch up and swap numbers etc. just on sunset true north sailed into view and her lights flickered on the horizon for a good hour or so as she sailed away – the perfect end to a perfect trip.

    the guys at camera house freo managed to retrieve most of the images i thought i had lost, so now have something to play with on my new mac and its fancy software !

    look forward to catching up when the camera arrives and figuring out how to use it all.


    dave cooney

    • Hi Dave…thanks for dropping by mate….I wish that we were there for that final night but alas had to be in Perth on Friday!

      I am glad that you got all your images back…nothing worse than losing shots. I had that happen in Karijini earlier this year and like you also got them back.

      Let me know when you have everything and we will get you around here for some one on one coaching to get you up to speed!

      I bet you are lovin the new Mac….what a great pressy to self!

    • By the way Dave…what Camera did you buy?

  6. hi mark

    yep,the mac is a nice bit of kit alright – have been a longterm pc user so finding it a little awkward so far, just a bit of perseverence required i think.

    looks like i’ll be buying a canon d5 with a canon ef 24 – 105mm f/4 is usm lens. the guys at the shop feel the mk3 is just around the corner and are going to follow up next week before placing the order.

    happy i am on the right track with the body – do you have any thoughts / hints on the lens ?



    • Hi Dave,

      I use the 17mm tilt shift for my wide angles shots.

      I dud have a 16-35mm L series for a while which was OK but not as sharp as the 17mm.

      I would still look at the 16-35 though.

      I use an L series 50mm prime for stitching and have a 28-300 as my all rounder zoom lense.

      Just be sure to get L series lenses.



      • Hi Dave,

        I hope it’s okay to butt in, I just want to add that the 17-40mm f/4 L lens is just as good as the 16-35, so unless you need the extra stop with the 2.8 I would go for the 17-40mm.

        Of course the 17mm tilt shift is so much better, but it costs about a kidney too 🙂

      • Thanks Bo…good advice mate!



  7. Looks like a cracking morning there Mark 🙂 great to get reflections like that not in an estuary !

    • Indeed Tone…the only other place that turns it on like that is PNG…next month! 🙂



  8. thanks mark / flemming.

    i seem to be spending money like a man with ten arms at the moment so i appreciate the advice.

    i’ll let you know how i go.



    • I look fwd to showing you around your new toy when you get it Dave!

      You won’t regret the spend I assure you!



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