Rowley shoals, Bedwell Island

The first day at the Rowleys on True North was action packed as usual!

Starting with a warm up dive, then a walk at midday on th beautiful Bedwell Island followed by 3 drift snorkels out the narrow channels with the tide going out.

The night was finished off with 2 birthday parties and Roast Duck!

These images are from the North side of Bedwell Island


~ by True North Mark on September 27, 2010.

15 Responses to “Rowley shoals, Bedwell Island”

  1. Gorgeous clear and inviting looking water there Markie ! now you are gonna be teasing us aren’t you !

    • Thanks for all the comments troops! Today we have a snorkel in a beautiful coral garden, followed by one of the best dives out here at a place called Jimmy goes to China, then we have a mock wedding on Bedwell Island for cocktails at Sunset followed by a fancy dress party!

      I think I might sleep well tonight somehow!

      Bo..not long now son and you’ll be in the tropics…and yes teasing is the idea there Tone!

  2. nice shot like the patterns in the sand Mark

  3. Those colours oh those colours kill me…take me to the tropics….sooooon!! now!!! Oh this looks so nice!

  4. It looks like awesome weather there, so jealous.
    Beaut color, the ripples in the sand are hard on the eyes, but is looks great.

    Have fun.

  5. Looks like a great area,clear ocean water,coral & sand cays. Have to get myself out there one day!

  6. The pano is nice Mark. Talk about leading lines !

  7. Love the pano shot Mark …. awesome colours

  8. Beautiful

  9. Paradise!

  10. wowzas! This is incredible. looking over your recent posts and my mouth is watering.
    Great work

    • That’s the whole idea Luke!

      I notice that you have posted a shot from your recept trip as well. I will have a closer look later on today and look fwd to more stuff from away up North!

      Maybe you could plan a trip down under to come cruising with us one day! 🙂

  11. Beautiful and pristine Mark! The clarity of the water is amazing!

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