Another Trinidad tropical storm!

Here is another cool storm show I witnessed whilst out on trials in Trinidad.

Pretty cool clouds eh!

~ by True North Mark on September 19, 2010.

18 Responses to “Another Trinidad tropical storm!”

  1. Nice image indeed Mark the drama in there is awesome you can see the ship getting bombarded with rain eh :).

  2. Cool clouds in that part of the world Markie!
    Whats cookin with that horizon?
    We need to go get some spring colour mate

    • Hi Matty

      I have been shifting house after living in Oakford for 20 years so it has been a mission!

      I am off to the Rowleys on True North this weekend so it will have to be after that..but I am keen to get out!



  3. Hi Mark,

    I wish we could get clouds like this here. Simply amazing. What is going on with the horizon though?


  4. The horizon looks a bit weird because of the heavy down pour bending the horizon!

  5. haha good one Mark! not easy stitching clouds and water ay! especially when its raining..haha

  6. cool clouds none the less mate, im off to NZ in 2 sleeps, so stay tuned. Cant wait to see what Albert says about your horizon


  7. Damn fine clouds there Mark, love the mood that they create

  8. Great mix of serenity and darkness Mark – very nice indeed !

  9. Great shot Mark, clouds just draw you in….

  10. That nearly looks surreal! How does the colour version look?

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