Bollard Colour

Here’s one for Davey Boy!

I would like to here the name of said little tacker mate! I thought this little bit of colour really added to the rustic bollard look!

~ by True North Mark on September 15, 2010.

8 Responses to “Bollard Colour”

  1. Wow this is a gem of a shot mate. The bollards alone wouldn’t have worked but that little guy brings the photo to life.

  2. Nice shots Markie, great rustic features, love the colour in the bird.

  3. That’s a yellow breasted TIT mate. Common to all Caribbean islands. Introduced by the Spanish conquistadors in 1616……….

    If you believe that mate you would believe anything 🙂

    See ya on the 24th in sunny Broome for the customary cuddle.


  4. Hi Mark – glad to hear that you’ve made it back safely after your epic voyage. The bird in the picture is a Kiskadee – they’re very common. Trinidad’s is something of a birders paradise as there’re about 500species of birds here in a quite small space. You can check out a place called Asa Wright centre here that’s very popular. John

    • Cool John..thanks for the heads up!

      They are certainly pretty little tackers!

      Thanks again for looking after me so well over there!



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