Caribbean Sunset 2

Here is another version of the previous sunset shot that I think works with the silhouette of the boat in the foreground. Let me know which one you prefer!

~ by True North Mark on September 14, 2010.

20 Responses to “Caribbean Sunset 2”

  1. I think I prefer this one as it has the boat as foreground interest. Would’ve been nice watching this with a beer in one hand. 🙂


    • Thanks Jamie…I think I prefer the other one actually…simple and colourful, but both have merrit for sure!

  2. I preferred the sun in the other photo, but I wasn’t going to be a fence sitter, so I went with this. It reminds me of when I was at Truk Lagoon a few years ago.

  3. Mark I love love love this image mate I think if you put the sun out of the other one in this one but it doesn’t need it but with the boat in the foreground its a cracker indeed it would sell like lemonade at a kids stall in the middle of summer eh.
    Its an image that goes through your head when you think of the Caribbean :).

    • Thanks Brett…hope things are well back in Aus…about to step on a plane for the long haul home!

      • Yes well things are going good back home I am sure you know we have a Ranga for PM oh and its freezin still lol.

      • Yes indeed I knew that Brett..bawling I have been from over here…what a sorry state of affairs! I am looking fwd to a bit of cool after being cooked over here for a week and a half!

  4. Think I like the first one the best, this one seems a little unbalanced. Both pretty good though!

  5. The boat definitely adds a great anchor for the eye and foreground interest. It’s not the prettiest most interesting boat though hehe. Nice sunset as well.

  6. Now if the boat was only a yacht, I like the first one as you said, simple is sometimes the best….

  7. I like this one but wish the boat was in the other corner, I would have cloned it there! Easier than moving slightly to the side!!

    • Will have a look at that little buddy!

      Thanks also to the Mattman!

      On the way home now…seems like I have been away for an eternity! In LAX as we speak!

    • Boat’s now moved mate…looks better as well…ta!

  8. I like this one..has a nice feel too it. I rekon you shoud clone the sun to the right hand third. that way the boat leads in from left to right to the sun. not much colour reflecting off it into the water so dont think it would be too hard. good shot mate!

  9. Better 🙂

  10. That is better, thought my memory was playing tricks for a moment!

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