Tropical Trini Storm

Here you go Brent…hows this for a storm cloud brewing over the ship!

You see these things brewing regularly in Trinidad…never a dull moment you might say and photo opportunities around every corner!

Pinged at 40 knots on board the new Water Taxi!

~ by True North Mark on September 11, 2010.

16 Responses to “Tropical Trini Storm”

  1. Great Sky Mark, fab capture.

    • Thanks for the comments Thomas, Bo and Matty. I will give the Black and White a crack Bo.

      Off to Tobago in a mo, so we will see what we can get there. I think the big difference this time round is I am staying and working close to the water, whereas last time I was stuck up in the hills and getting around here is still difficult.

      But if you can get out at sunset and sunrise there are some great clouds and colours.

  2. sweet mark, like the previous shot too, should clone out the ship in the first one though i rekon!
    before you went you were saying the place was a dump for photos now you saying there is a shot around every corner haha! good clouds by the looks of it

  3. Awesome clouds! I am really happy that Trinidad has turned on the goods for you this time around after last times disappointment.
    Colours perhaps not all that shiny, perhaps a dramatic black and white?

  4. Great storm Mark. And great to see you got photo mojo back!

    • Yup I think the Mojo has been with me Davey boy…thanks for the comment bud!

      Yes indeed Peta, Trini has turned it on this time round!

      Not home yet little buddy…leaving tomorrow night Trini time and back home on Thursday arvo our time.

      Big call there Peter…best shot of the year eh…cool!

      And last but not least…my big buddy Brentbat…thanks dude!
      Tim, yes indeed it is Hurricane season, but Trinidad is just out of the Hurricane belt. We did have a few storms go through but!

      I am pleased I got a big tick on the mission there Sandy…thanks for that!

      Oh and by the way…welcome back to Jamie…will catch up on your Tassy posts soon mate!

  5. Great shot Mark, like all the other posts as well…Looks like you have plenty of opportunity this time round…

  6. You have been getting some cool sky Markie, are you home yet?

  7. Wowee, Your shot of the year I reckon Mark. I would love to see this printed big.

  8. Nice one Mark, I guess as it is hurricane season over there you would see a few of these!

  9. Hey Mark….just read your post on my blog (in Bali at the moment so not had chance to get online much) and YES! you have well and truly achieved a shot of epic proportion…and more than once from the look of your last few posts. LOVE this sky and the Trini Serenity. Mission Complete 🙂

  10. Hey Mark

    Amazing clouds and storm…. really well captured and processed… you’ve really captured the storm as a whole by shooting such a wide view of it (as opposed to a close-up of one part of the storm).

    Very nice


  11. Hey Mark,

    Just me saying hello. Back in the real world again.

  12. Cool shot Mark – great to see a bit of tropical convection 🙂

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