Staubles Bay Sunrise – Trinidad

This one’s for you John!

I will give you the large TIFF file when I see you tomorrow at Tobago.

For the blog readers, this is looking out to Venezuela out from the Coast Guard facility at Staubles Bay. John has a very nice property on the island to the left of this shot.

I got the pano as close as I could in PT Gui and then did some manual overlays…took a while I can assure you! Shot with my 28-300 at 50mm at F8 hand held stitch of about 8 shots.

~ by True North Mark on September 11, 2010.

6 Responses to “Staubles Bay Sunrise – Trinidad”

  1. Some beautiful skies there Mark

    Looks like a lovely place for seascapes.


    • Hey Brent bat!

      I have been adding to my sky collection big time over here mate!

      Finally getting to go home late on Monday evening…very much looking fwd to that!

  2. Beautiful sky Mar, nice simplistic shot.

  3. absolutely love this shot Mark – esp as there’s a personal side to it too! Safe flight back and hope to catch up with you in oz one day soon

    • Thanks John!

      I am sure it will look good on your wall!

      Thanks again for a wonderfull weekend.

      I have sent your details to North Star so they can send you some info on the Kimberley trip we discussed so you should here from them soon.

      I will contact you when I get back to Aus.



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