Yacht City

Trinidad is a safe haven for yachties during the Hurricane season and this little scene is taken at a place called Chaguramas where there are a number of sheltered areas where the yachties can take refuge. There are also quite a few marinas and quirky little eateries scattered around this area.

~ by True North Mark on September 8, 2010.

15 Responses to “Yacht City”

  1. Love the lines and evenness of the black and white tones, also like how the water is not totally smooth much like that image of your of the swan river Mark … well done

  2. Mark,
    I always enjoy your “eye” for yachting & marine images. Keep em flowing

  3. like it!

  4. Also liking this one Mark..Black and White works really well!

    • Thanks to the Saul Brothers as well! Always very loyal visitors to my blog eh!

      • when do you get back? i’m thinking about a trip out new norcia or york way on the weekend if your keen?

      • I wish I knew Matt! I will either be leaving here omn the 13th or 16th, but won’t be back this weekend that’s for sure!

  5. brilliant picture Mark

  6. I like this one Mark, in fact probably my fav amongst your new uploads… tranquil and serene. Works well with the B&W tones. top image mate !
    tone 🙂

    • Yep I like this one myself mate…but have another couple to post in a mo that aren’t too bad either!

  7. This image works so well. Brilliant

    • Yep I rate this one as well Luke. I shot another version of this one the other day and will post it when i get a mo!

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