Pelican Sunrise

Hey troops…heres my first images from Trinidad…been a bit busy to date, but have more to come thanks to a great day out yesterday with a guy I met on the plane out here who was generous enough to show us around in his boat…stay tuned!

~ by True North Mark on September 8, 2010.

11 Responses to “Pelican Sunrise”

  1. Mark, cracking shots once again mate. Id be dead interested to learn about your gear choice for trips such as this and how you go about transporting it (obviously you had it onboard and ready to use for the below shots). Feel free to email me if thats easier champ.

    Have a safe trip.

    • Hi Graham

      I simply take the 1Ds with the 28-300mm and that’s it!

      No tripod or bag of tricks and just try to get happy snaps as I see them!

      Thanks for the kind words buddy!

  2. Oh..and I cary the camera in a simple back pack Graham!

  3. Nice ones Markie, good to see you get a few shots in at Trinidad!

  4. Hi Mark. This is the guy from the plane! I’m glad that you enjoyed the day – I did and was impressed with the quality of the shots taken on the run. I hope that the rest of the trip goes well and you find other interesting subjects to photograph. If you’re available for a day in Tobago let me know. best regards . John

    • Hi ‘Mr. Guy from the plane’! No seriously Hi John and thanks for dropping by mate. We both had a great day out on your boat and thanks so much for showing us around. I got some good stuff this morning as well so stay tuned! It looks like I am here till Monday but may have to work Saturday. Thanks again for te kind offer about Tobago and will let you know if I can swing it in the next day or so.

  5. Hi Mark – I’m glad you enjoyed the outing and I enjoyed meeting James too. If you can make it to Tobago that would be good. I’ve subscribed to the site so looking out for some more of those excellent pictures. all the best

    • Great John…welcome to my blog and for sure there are a couple of smokin’ images yet to post when I get a mo!

      I will call you regarding Tobago as soon as I know the play here!

  6. Love the top image Marky Mark. Absolute corker!

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