Sun-worshipper 2

Once again the first shot I took at the canal rocks shoot and I spent a bit of time on this image. There is a lot going on in here with the water movement being almost perfect, the strong diagonals the amazing colours on the rocks on the other side of the canal, the photographer setting up his tripod and the water rushing in on the bottom left corner. It is a 10 image stitch with the 50mm L series.

~ by True North Mark on August 30, 2010.

20 Responses to “Sun-worshipper 2”

  1. Ahhh take me there. That is one gorgeous location and one outstanding image mate. It seems you are raising the bar and the game, I’m gonna get my ass kicked in PNG if I don’t start producing stunners like you.

    I could come up with a few things like wanting to crop just a tiny bit of the left side, clouds are a bit blue for me, can’t decide if I like the photog in there. But it’s details, I really love this, that water colour is stunning, rocks are stunning, composition is not too shabby either 🙂

  2. Flemming has said it all!
    Wonderful !!

  3. Great angle and composition Mark. Looks like a spot with so many different views to be had.

  4. Mark – I like that one better than the other one you posted – this lens doesn’t overemphasize the foreground rocks like the other one did (they weren’t all that big!) and consequently shows off the crossing diagonals of water better. And the long canal lends itself to the panoramic format!

  5. Both good, but i like the first one better. More balance and better water movement!

  6. Awesome image yet again Mark you love that 50mm eh and I can see why it does a good job of getting a nice sharp image thats for sure mate :).

  7. You take a few weeks off while busy with life and M.Stothard has a zillion new posts. This one would be my fav from the current first page listing of posts … that’ll change in like a day and this will be page 3 or 4 LOL

  8. Fantastic image Mark. Just brilliant!

  9. Struth Mark, that is an absolute cracker image mate. You are really sticking it to the big names in landscapes these days bud.

  10. What a great image Mark, keep it up

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