Sunset Worshipers!!!

I ducked down south on Saturday arvo and caught up with my shooting buddy Ian Wise at Canal Rocks just before sunset.

There was another couple of sunset worshipers on the top of the other rocks, which gave this photo some scale…hence the title!

It is a very cool spot down at Canal Rocks and it looks different every time I go there. This time we were able to get to the North set of rocks so we were able to get the 4 cross channels coming together.

~ by True North Mark on August 22, 2010.

16 Responses to “Sunset Worshipers!!!”

  1. awesome markie love it your right about the people it dose give it scale

  2. Is this near Wyadup mate? Love the water, beautiful colour and movement. As I usually do, I’d love to crop top and bottom a bit, tighten composition 🙂

  3. Nice image Mark, the inclusion of people is good,like the brooding sky too!

  4. Hey Mark

    I would love to go and shoot this place with you the next time I’m over. Looks like a fantastic location.

    Very nice shot.. I might have been tempted to lighten the foreground rocks a bit and give them a bit more character with some dodge/burn, but other than that, it’s beautiful. The people on rock really do give the place scale.

    • We can do that Brent…next time you are over…it would be a great place for a full moon shoot!

  5. Excellent job Mark. Love the colours, and I agree with all the other comments about the people. They really provide some good reference point for the scale of things.

  6. Great photo, I agree you can go there every week and come away with a completely different look and mood.

  7. Beautiful shot mate. Great colour balance composition and perfect amount of water movement. And textures galore!

  8. Nice rich colours and tones in this shot. What’s happening with that sloping left horizon – is it a swell coming through?

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