Lake Ballard Northern Panoramic

The Northern view from the top of Lake Ballards hilltop lookout is quite different to the Eastern Views as are the colours and tones….so i guess it is worth posting this little gem!

Lots of track lines going to the statues and lots of pleasing colours out there!

A 6 shot stitch with the 28-300 at about 200mm.

~ by True North Mark on August 20, 2010.

21 Responses to “Lake Ballard Northern Panoramic”

  1. This one and your last Statue shot are my faves out of all your lake B shots, I think it is the composition that sets them apart.

  2. Mark, have u been to Lake Ballard?!!?

  3. For me , this is the pick of the bunch you’ve out up so far.

  4. Bloody hell .. I meant, pick of the bunch you’ve PUT up so far.

    Time for bed !!!!!

  5. Wow, cracker of a shot Mark! Love it.

  6. Very nice one, but not the best of the Ballard bunch for me. A bit too much going on, some of the really abstract simplistic ones are the best

  7. i like it markie love the colours and the detail

  8. Markie Mark,

    This is easily my favourite shot from the trip. The composition and colours are simply perfect in my humble opinion. I’m not a big fan of the bush but this really makes my want to head inland again.


  9. good stuff Mark – I think this one is up in the best few from your trip. top overview/pano mate !

  10. This image certainly is the best one. You really captured the shear size of the place. Great work!

  11. yeah it’s alright I guess, prick! Man we had some interesting cloud that trip didn’t we!

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