South Perth Flame!!!

Riding along the Applecross foreshore on Saturday with some mates, I saw this potential scene. Last night I thought the sky was looking promising so i set out to see if I could pull it together.

Looking at the RAW images, I was not convinced I have achieved the mission, but this evening I persevered with it and I think it has come together OK.

These flame trees are just going off around the city at present.

So, come on Photogs…get out there and get me some shots of your version of a flame tree in all its glory!


~ by True North Mark on August 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “South Perth Flame!!!”

  1. Mark this image is awesome love how you have just got the colour of the flame tree and the rest in BW and your on to I fly out in the morning but back next monday and have a week off so got plenty of time for a great Flame tree image I am sure :).

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