Lake Ballard Statue

You have probably had enough of these statues between mine and Christian’s blog, but I particularly like this one as a closing statue shot from the trip.

Taken with the Canon 17mm tilt shift at F4 in the middle of the day and I had the lense shifted down to elongate the statue some which worked pretty well i reckon.

The Ochre and the blues of the sky work really well together as well I reckon…although the sRGB file for the web does not work out as well as the DCAM TIFF…but the real thing looks pretty good actually!

~ by True North Mark on August 17, 2010.

14 Responses to “Lake Ballard Statue”

  1. Very good use of the tiltshift, I look forward to seeing that baby in action. Good colours and shadow mate. I was just thinking looking at this it would be fun to shoot an image of just the shadow!

  2. love the composition markie

  3. I agree with Fletch.

  4. Good composition, and the TS lens and how you have used it works really well.

  5. Super cool shot Mark, the DOF looks great with the tilt shift.

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