Sunset Colours at Lake Ballard

This is the very first image I took when we got to Lake Ballard.

It was touch and go that we were going to make it and from an hour out we were wondering if indeed we would make the sunset and as it turned out we made it just as the sun kissed the horizon in time for the after glow of colours which are shown here.

Can you picture the scene…rolling up and 4 guys leaping out trying to get their gear and race to the best vantage point we could muster knowing full well the sun had actually gone down and that there was not time to scope too much at all!

I think what attracted me to this vantage point was simply the colours that were developing through the sunset and the glowing path heading up to the hill.

~ by True North Mark on August 13, 2010.

24 Responses to “Sunset Colours at Lake Ballard”

  1. your best one from the trip i rekon Mark! I like the low to the ground pano! must have been with the wide-angle?

    • Hey Matty…no mate it is a 6 shot stitch with the 50mm.

      I like it as well…but I think I have some other favs…but cool that you like it eh!

  2. yeh it has some nice colours and nice lines! you have gone back to the old borders though which im not a fan of he he he!

    • I thought this one need a black border to bring out the colours…but I will stop using them just for you Matty!

  3. haha šŸ™‚

  4. hubba hubba. Love it. Simple composition and sweet colours. This is what the outback is all about.

  5. Hey Mark
    I agree, this is probably the best shot from the trip. I LOVE it. the textures, colours, composition, simplicity…. If I were you I’d be printing this puppy out and hanging it on your wall.


    • Thanks Brent…well it looks like the first shot, first impression thing is working eh!



  6. That comment is so true. I’m finding more and more that generally the first thing that catches your eye is going to be the best shot. Why? Well because it caught our eye it will almost certainly catch someones elses eye.


    • Well it looks like the first image is once again the most popular as it was in Bright! I might have to change my work flow and work up the first image first rather than last eh! Thanks for the comments Tim and Thomas.

  7. Sensational shot Mark, as Brent said, simplicity.

  8. This is a really cool image, like it Mark!

  9. This and the moon shot are the two best of your Lake Ballard shots. Classic composition and late dusk colours and light are often the best. Just when you think about packing up – don’t cos it always gets better.

    Simplicity rocks mate, well done!

  10. Hey Mark, Nice pic. It looks very much like one I took back in October 09.

    Been a bit hectic since I got back to work so I haven’t been keeping up to speed with all the new posts. Lake ballard is a place that needs to be photographed over about a 4 or 5 day period to capture the real feel of the place I reckon. Can’t wait to get back there some time soon.

    • Hey Pete…looks like that was your first post mate…and yep certainly taken from a similar position.

      I will be going back for sure!

  11. Love that little orange track going up the side of the hill, we walked up that puppy a few times hey!

    • Yo Bro…I was knackered by the end of it…especially after lugging Mikes weights down for him!



  12. Nice one Mark – Probably my fav of yours from the trip !

  13. Yep, the fave for me as well. A true landscape without any strange statues or strange men doing strange things to the strange statues.

  14. Excellent pano Mark. I think this is a definite fine-art print piece to hang on the wall.

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