Coolgardie RSL

We had a bit of fun on the way home shooting cool old buildings and I had it down pat after a while where I would have my 28-300 on motor drive and get a 3 or 4 shot stitch whilst we drove past at 60kmh!

This is not one of those stitches, but it is a pretty cool building.


~ by True North Mark on August 13, 2010.

11 Responses to “Coolgardie RSL”

  1. Beaut old building and nice shot Mark, has good character.

  2. Good image of a building full of character, but stitching at 60kmh?! not sure whether it’s a great idea or you fellas spent to much time in the desert! LOL

    • I will work one of those stitches up Tim and see how it comes out…the RAW looks pretty good! Thanks again Thomas!

    • That’s taking shooting from the car to a whole new level! The stitching should be interesting as the camera has moved between shots and the standard PTGUI, Hugin algorithms don’t work like that – but it can be done. I will be interested to see the outcome.

      • Thanks Ian…nice to hear from you mate!

        I will give one a crakc this evening and put it up, but I reckon they will work!

      • At least this way if there is not enough overlap you can blame Christian for driving to fast!

      • Or my camera for not a fast enough shutter speed!

  3. Talk about fast food, Markie has created fast photography! I know I was the support guy behind the wheel. I like it boy, I say, I like it.

  4. It’s a great old building. It would look great with a cloudy sky and a grungy texture applied. If only there was a dog! 😉

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