Kalgoorlie Gold Mine

Both Christian and Dave Bettini have posted shots of the Gold Mine so I thought it was about time I put up my version…well here it is!


~ by True North Mark on August 11, 2010.

20 Responses to “Kalgoorlie Gold Mine”

  1. Wow so many lines, curves and textures. Its complex and definitely like candy for my eyes. Nice shot Mark.


  2. I like this version more.

  3. Yeah thanks mate. He’ll probably push me off some cliff now in Tassie.

  4. very cool shot Mark

  5. Much better than Fletchers! U rock!

  6. Tommy is on acid again, dude get some glasses, thats right your wife is an optometrist too!! haha
    Ok, Ok nice Markie, great colour etc, but where is the haulpack for scale?

    • Decided I didn’t want a Haulpac!! 🙂

      Everyone else was doin’ that so I thought I’d be different!

  7. Good stuff mate, I look at this and think oh so much fun could be had on a BMX or mountain bike!!

  8. Nah I reckon the lines work the way they are Bo…diagonals are working well!

  9. Lovely shot Mark….love the light and colour in this one… Great composition… well seen.


  10. My favourite of your gold mine shots – there’s something about the contrasting textures that I like.

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