The heat of the Lake!!!

Middle of the day….getting hot…need water! I think this guy need a little more than water eh!

But when I took this shot I had been out for quite a few hours and I was starting to get parched…the mirages were well into swing and it is easy to see how people get sucked into chasing a mirage when they are thirsty!

~ by True North Mark on August 8, 2010.

11 Responses to “The heat of the Lake!!!”

  1. I didn’t think it would be hot as there was a lot of cloud around in the earlier shots.

    🙂 🙂

    This is not a bad one, I like it, but Flemming might get ya !!!

    • Thanks for the positive feedback Merv, Andrew, Neal and Muzz!

      Muss another way I could get there is to organize a scout up there to let me know and jump in when it’s looking good…now there’s a good reason why you jump out of perfectly good aeroplanes!!!



    • Oh and Merv…the clouds had obviouly burned off by the time this shot was taken!:)



  2. Love this shot

  3. “Might get ya”, coming to get ya, am I that bad? 🙂 The horizon is ok here 🙂 Quite nice, I can feel the heat. Composition does not quite work for me, it is very wide and the statue is too far to the right for my taste, a bit of the left side could perhaps be cropped. But all these great shots from this Lake makes me want to go there right now to capture it, in it’s dry state.

  4. Gee Bo is a bit tough on you mate . I recon the comp is spot on. Maybe we are both crap???

    Hang on a sec !!!! That was my timelapse sculpture. I distinctly remember someone big noting them-self and flashing in my shot. Hmmmmmm was that you ???????

    • I agree mate…I put a level on that image and it is as straight as a die!

      Yep I borrowed your man for a while…he look lonely over there so I gave him a cuddle and convinced him to come over my way where it was clean with no footsteps.

      Might’ve been me flashing into your shot and now I know I should have boldly walked into it eh!

      Good to hear from you little buddy!

  5. yeah dude how did you get him so clean and clear of footprints. He must have been too far from the crowds to get visited. At first I thought wasn’t there lots of clouds that day then realised they had burnt off as you said hehe.
    I actually really like the feel of this!

  6. this one is a cracker mate – completely different to CF’s!! I really like the composition here!

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