The Colours of Lake Ballard

This is pretty much the shot I was hoping to get up at Lake Ballard. A nice clean rich mud flat shot, which I think has worked pretty well.

~ by True North Mark on August 8, 2010.

13 Responses to “The Colours of Lake Ballard”

  1. Great images Mark, looks like you need some rain over that way!

    • You bet Tim!

      The Avon Descent could have easily been renamed ‘the Avon Walk’!



  2. i really like this one! would look good nice and big on a bright white wall i rekon!

  3. Good patterns you captured there. Nice open space 🙂

  4. Would like to see it with no vegetation just red and blue, just like Murray F shots.

    • Yep, but I could not find that exact composition and I ran out of water whilst trying!

      So this will do till I can get the neater composition for next time!

      Thanks for the visit mate!

      • All you need to do to fix that Mark is just camp out there for 5 weeks at a time every year for 6 years (like MF) and you’re bound to get the shot. Simple eh!! I’d love to zoom in on that foreground and “feel” the textures.

  5. I must admit I can’t help but compare these to MF shots. Is there any chance of some light clouds perhaps appearing in this photo? 😉

    • I kinda like the blue sky colour for this one Jamie, so in this instance I won’t summon the cloud!:)



  6. great textures and tones in the mud/salt pan there Mark 🙂

    • Thanks Tone…was looking for all the Tones I could get…so that Tone would be impressed!

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