Sunrise Lady

Another shot from Lake Ballard. The sun had literally just made her presence known for the morning and the early golden light rays were doing this cool highlighting thing to the raised mud areas which looked way cool!

This statue just glowed like this for a while.

Happy with the result I am!

~ by True North Mark on August 8, 2010.

14 Responses to “Sunrise Lady”

  1. Hey Mark
    You should be happy with the result. What a great sky, landscape and subject… the perfect model really…. doesn’t complain.. cheap to work with… not worried too much about her hair or makeup.

    Love this series of the statues especially.

    • Hey Brent…sorry mate…with my early morning fogginess I thought I read you were Belinda!

      Now your comment makes real sense eh!

  2. Stunning sky,colour and vibrance Mark ! What great light, she is a kinky one… Watch out for Flemming on the horizon with this one 🙂


    • Thanks Belinda and Tone!

      I got a giggle out of the ‘no complain’ bit Belinda…and Tone, it’s an optical illusion!



  3. And Christian told me the light was shit out there!! Nice job on this one Mark. Hopefully I’ll get out there next month, as I believe the Oz Safari is going through Menzies.

  4. looks remarkably similar to a recent south perth sunset Mark hehehe!!

  5. …and happy with the result you should be 🙂
    I really enjoy Gormley’s work (as you can probably tell from my gravatar – Angel of the North, one of his sculptures in the UK.) I was out on Lake Ballard for a travel feature shooting these ‘people’ and would’ve like to have camped out. I love the surreal feel to the landscape out there you almost expect them to follow you across the lake.

    • Yes indeed has a very special feel to it and for sure will return and hopefully when the conditions are a little more epic!



  6. I love the Australian optical illusions! 🙂

    What a stunning sunrise. I would like the model to move to the left please, as it is now she is looking out of the frame instead of looking from the left to wide open space on the right.

  7. Nah she looks good there Flemming, adds to the mystery. What I also find mysterious is how come I didn’t see that sky? :-0)
    Markie the blend is a bit dodgy on the left. Try blending down the sky on darken, it can sometimes fix edges. Love the colour and you have the light right. Maybe back of the richness of the sunset too, just a little bit to bring it in line with the rest of the image. Remember we are supposed to look at it and not know it has been photoshopped.

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