Wide Open Spaces for Bo!!!

OK Bo, this one’s for you…can’t get much wider or open than this! The last light on the last night on top of the island featured in the Moonset shot in the last post.

The long shadows make this shot I reckon.

~ by True North Mark on August 6, 2010.

20 Responses to “Wide Open Spaces for Bo!!!”

  1. Now that’S W I D E .

  2. This shot is out of this world wide and awesome Mark love it heaps the colour is great to :).

  3. Great colours mate. Love the open space!

    • Thanks Davey Boy…took a bit to get this one right…the white balance was a little weird!

  4. Are these the salt lakes to the North east of Perth? What is the story with the statues?
    Some nice shots Mark!

    • Thanks Tim, yes they are just North of Kalgoorly and I am told that an artist raised some sponsorship to create some statues that were modeled around the townsfolk of Menzies which is the closest town to the lake.

      The statues are really well done and they all have a different persona.

      They give the landscape an interesting feature in the foreground as well.

  5. I’ve thrown up a super pit shot from a couple of years ago, taken from above the fence !!!

    • Yup saw it mate…not bad at all, but I still say that the miners could well do with a lesson in PR with that crappy lookout!!!



  6. Thank you so much my friend! Look at all that magnificent space!!! Ahhhhh, I feel much better just looking at it! Must go out there! Must stop using exclamation points!

    It is wide and really interesting, those lines and shadows criss crossing makes it very confusing but also interesting. The colours are quite ‘strange’ as well lending a great otherworldly look.

    I thank you deeply – love it!

  7. it’s a yep from me! If only we had a couple of bikes that place would have offered up lots of great photo opportunities.

  8. Awesome Marky, the colours are out of this world. What a capture (or ten in one!!!!).

  9. Another great looking image. Love the colours.

  10. Yeah, sorry, I have been flat our with a couple of projects, renos and work. I have a huge number of blogs to visit 🙂

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