The story behind Mark Stothard and what motivates me!!!

Inspiration and Motivation

This evening a couple of my loyal bloggers encouraged me to write a bit of a story behind my photographic journey and to also describe what inspires and motivates me, so I set to work.

It came out a bit longer than I would have liked, but the only way I could see to have the story to make sense was to go through a bit of history of my life.

I hope you like the read and get something from it!!

~ by True North Mark on July 30, 2010.

47 Responses to “The story behind Mark Stothard and what motivates me!!!”

  1. Inspirational stuff there Mark. After the drive to Karijini you will always be referee as ‘the Sweeper’ in my book, out in front, sweeping the roads for the rest of us! Now I know why, you put the lime in the cocconut….

  2. Mate, what a great read, thanks so much for sharing your story. Your passion and drive is fantastic and has spurred me on thru my own down time, which I think may just be on the verge of a big turnaround. Reading your story just gave that a great kick too. Time to get a blog first hey. haha

    • Hey Chizz,

      Glad to be of assistance mate and glad also that I could influence your wellbeing in some way!

    • Oh and get that blog going Chizz!

      Happy to help out if you need it!

  3. Thank you for sharing Mark! A great and very inspirational story. I have read it twice now and I am happy you decided to leave it as is, it makes sense and has such a great story arc to it with your history in there.

    I sometimes tell people “You can do anything you want, be anyone you want. It’s all in your head”. Not all people take too kindly to that but it’s true (well, to a degree, bloody hard to become an astronaut). I used work in IT around the clock and stare at travel docs on TV 4-5 years ago, heavy heart, feeling trapped, thinking I’ll never get to these places…until I decided to do something about it and change my life!

    Your story is such a great example of the fact that “you can do anything you want” and forever an inspiration.

    Can’t wait for PNG 😀 And hey, thanks for mentioning me in the story, humbled and honoured!

    • Hi Bo,

      You should not be humbled in any way mate…you have also been a big part of my journey and I thank you for that.

      It is true that you can be what ever you want to these days, you just have to work out what it is you want and go for it.

      Sometimes the hardest thing is working out what you want though I am sure. Lee and I are going through a strange time in our lives whereby we do know what we want which is to scale down from where we live and get something closer to Fremantle and the boat but we need to sell something first.

      And of course no one seems to want to play at present, so this is new to me…I know what I want and where I want to go, but I can’t seem to get there…its like ground hog day big time and nothing changes!

      But we will push on and something will give soon I am sure and then we can get back to being more in control of our destiny!



      • I know that frustrating Groundhog Day feeling well from last year when I was ready to sell my flat. Race horse in the stable, just waiting, come on, buy my flat, I’m ready to fly!

        I’m not religious in any way but do believe in karma and the universe – it will all happen mate, the good you put out there comes back tenfold.

      • Let’s hope so mate, I have just sacked my Real Estate agent as I think she has been one of the problems with an innavilty to address the negatives properly.

        I am going to have a crack at selling it next weekend myself.



  4. hey buddy

    cheers for the mention im glad i could help in your journey but i think you guys would have crossed paths eventually

    cheers mate


  5. Awesome story markie, almost bought a tear to my eye. You are a larger than life figure and an inspiration and a good mate. My passion is only matched by yours and that is why we get on so well. You have made a huge difference in my life buddy, let’s get out and have some more adventures. Cheers

    • Thanks Christian and for sure you have also been a huge influence in my life as well.

      We go have a lot of fun together and that’s what lifes all about…onto the next adventure mate!!!



  6. What a fantastic read, thanks Mark. Good to learn a little more about the man behind the images and what motivates and drives you. It’s our good fortune that you take the time to comment on our images, also good fortune that you are not entering CF’s image comp this year with that Mt Beauty image! Think that it would have been a fight for the printer. Looking forward to seeing where the image journey takes you next.

    • Thanks Andrew..and yes I too am curious where it will take me as well…but I am not pushing any direction just now as I firmly believe that things take their own course in due time and that will present itself when the time comes if that makes sense!



  7. Fab story. The story reads like you have found your place on this planet and that is also wonderful to hear. Congrats

    PS I didnt realise you were from Dampier, me too. There is a reunion for people who were in high school, working and/or living in Karratha, Dampier, Wickham and Roebourne around the 1980’s to be held in Bunbury in October. Are you going?

    • Hi Belinda

      I am a bit older than that I am afraid!

      I lived there from about 1964-1972! We were one of the first families to live in Dampier actually.

      Prior that it was just single people!

      Yes I feel that I have found my place and calling and that is a very comforting feeling really!

      Who knows where it will take me but the ride will be great fun!



      • We were in Dampier from about 1974 to 1977 (primary school) so we would have just missed your family. I havent been back since. I have fond memories of taking the boat out to Rosemary Island and stuffing around all day and returning home. Good times! Thanks for bringing some gorgeous memories flooding back.

        Anywhos, keep up the photography and I wish you all the best adventures life can bring.

      • Thanks Belinda!

        I recommend going back for a look one day as I have done recently on a True North trip.

        What I found that everything I remember as a kid was huge and when I went back it was so small in reality!

        Things like the islands offshore I remember them as being miles away…but the reality is they are almost a stone throw away!



  8. A good read, cheers Mark …

    • Glad you liked it Mr. Spool!

      I would like to read something similar about your story actually!



  9. interesting read Mark, Sounds like you have done/achieved a lot in life! always like checking your blog seeing what you’ve been upto.

    • Thanks Tim and Will…you guys are always regular supporters so thanks for that.

      Happy to catch up any time you are in town Tim!

  10. Great story Mark, keep it up mate! Will see if i can run into you next time I am over that way.


  11. hey Mark – It was a pleasure meeting up with you guys for a couple of days, I enjoyed the company and laughs thoroughly. I recall us talking about parts of your life then and this post has filled in some of the gaps wonderfully. I’m sure your photographic journey will come for a long time to come and the best thing is the satisfaction and appreciation for a slightly new direction in life it has given you. Everything happens for a reason…

    I look forward to catching up again a lot more in the coming years.

    enjoy 🙂

    • Thanks Tone…and yes indeed I also enjoyed the trip away to Vic and finally meeting you.

      I am slowly meeting all the bloggers and that’s cool!



  12. An extremely inspirational story indeed its time and time again when you get to a point in life where you feel like a brick wall has been laid in front of you and you just don’t know where to go or how to keep striving and then you read something like what you have written Mark and it opens a new light in ones heart and opens up that gateway again to prosper and hunt down those aspirations once again.
    Cheers for sharing an inspirational and touching story Mark.

    • Thanks for the feedback there Brett!

      I am pleased that I was able to influence a few crew and it appears that I did….cool!

  13. thanks for sharing Mark, very interesting story, I am sure the rest of the chapters will be just as exciting. (I also spent many hours training in the Applecross pool.

    • Ahhh an Applecross girl as well eh…I knew there was something else I liked about you Peta!

      Glad you liked the read!

  14. Ok. Just finished with “Mark’s Monday Morning Madness”. Thanks for sharing your soul. Not else to say as its all been said.


  15. No problems mate. I’d be keen to for that ‘little’ paddle that we were talking about on Saturday.

  16. No but I can get one.

    • Ok good, then ee should plan to do it after the Avon descent some time when there’s still some water.



  17. Sounds good mate. Will this be a day trip or an overnighter? Only day I’m not free on a weekend before my September trip is the 14th of August.

    • Ok noted Jamie,

      Will get this Kalgoorly trip out of the way and see what we can work out.

      We will do it in a day I reckon.



  18. Well what can I say Mark, I think it’s already been said, your story is inspirational. Glad I could motivate you in some way with my tongue in cheek comment. From humble beginnings to a successful career and life. Well done Mark.

    You sure there’s not a touch of hyperactivity at all though??? 🙂

    • Thanks Jamie…for the comment and the prompt in the first place!

      You know what they say mate…if you want something done…give it to a busy person!

      I for one cannot understand how photographers go out and get images and then take forever to work them up?

      I like to work them up as close as I can to the shoot times so that I can remember what I was thinking of when I shot it.

      Each to their own I spose, but that is my take on how I go about things.

      • Well keep it simple I think. Some people spend so much time on an image, searching for what they think they’re looking for in an image, when it was probably there in the first place. I try to keep as simple as possible, I believe it’s the key. Less is more, as they say. But as you say, each to their own.

      • Yo bud!

  19. A bit late reading this Mark but well worth it 🙂



  20. Fascinating reading Mark…not sure how I missed this post in July. Thanks for the story…and the inspiration 🙂

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