Canal Rocks Black and White

Just going back through some old files when I was down South with Ian Wise and decided to work this one up as a black and white and I think it has come up OK.

These rocks are typical of what is strewn around the area and everywhere you look there is a photo opportunity.

~ by True North Mark on July 27, 2010.

14 Responses to “Canal Rocks Black and White”

  1. I heard they had found water on mars !
    Great detail and those clouds are awesome Cheers Adrian

  2. Excellent Mark!

  3. Cracker, both the initial shot and the PP. Top work champ!

  4. Nice to hear from you Graham!

    You have been a bit quiet lately…been busy mate!

  5. nice Markie, I would like to see the top clouds brought up a bit, i.e. more conyrast. I know you have darkened the sky but the white clouds have got a bit grey. Just an idea. I posted up details of the true north prize on the blog mate.

    • Ta mate…I’ll look at those tips for sure!

      I will also look at the True North bit on your blog.



  6. Almost has an infra red look about it – the B&W treatment really brings out the texture.

    • Thanks Muzz…the coour version was pretty tame and I actually passed it over a few times…but then thought about Black and White and yep it worked I think!

      I have found it pays to go back over your RAW shots a few times as there is often GOLD lurkin in the background eh!

      Mt Hotham Colours being case in point!

  7. I like it! Foreground is great. Clouds look dark, they should be brighter…oh CF has already mentioned that, bugger, beat me to it 🙂

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