Win a Trip on True North

Christian has just announced his new Landscape Photography Competition which will be online pretty soon. First prize a trip for two on True North, second an Epson 3880 printer, the same as what Christian uses at home, the new amazing Gigapan and the booby prize a one on one day workshop with the man himself. Bummer I can’t enter but I will be on True North to show the lucky winner around. Guys and girls I think your partners would be pretty happy if you won this prize.

Christian will have more details of the competition this week, check out his blog for more info.


~ by True North Mark on July 26, 2010.

10 Responses to “Win a Trip on True North”

  1. I’m entering just so I can win 4th prize. A day with that hunk of spunk! I won’t be able to sleep tonight just thinking about it…

  2. Oh you are such a thing Tommy Boy!

  3. sweet competition!!… I need to go out and get some gold!

    • Remember what I said last night Matt…a good start to getting a good shot for the comp is ‘F8 and be there’!!!

      • indeed you are correct!. all though, I swear ill win the lotto one day without buying a ticket…aha!

      • I think you have more chance of winning this comp mate than winning Lotto…coz I am gonna win it next!

  4. giddy-up! awesome competition boys! now I’ve just got to enter a couple of shots and cross all my fingers and toes!!!

  5. Mark, it’s awesome that you’re supporting this comp the way you are, great stuff. Now to try and find a couple good ones to enter!!

    • Most of the thanks should go to Christian on this one as he is the main driver for sure, but it is great to be involved and I am sure who ever wins will love the prize!

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