South Perth Sunset South

As Jamie Paterson stated recently, when out on a shoot…’look behind you’…I have been doing that for a while now after missing a couple of classic shots by not looking behind me and this is an example of that practice!

Last nights posts were the Northern version of Saturday’s sunset….this is what was going on to the South…very very cool!


~ by True North Mark on July 26, 2010.

10 Responses to “South Perth Sunset South”

  1. Colours and clouds are simply absolutely stunning, I think even better than the North view you presented. One could only wish for some slightly more interesting bits on the horizon (like the 21 at the eclipse hehe).

    This is the 17mm tiltshift I take it ? Have you tried shooting panos with it by simply shifting the lens sideways from the same position ?

    • Hi there Bo, Jamie and Brett,

      Yep I think this view rates against the Northern view for sure.

      Bo, I do use the stitching function a lot on the shift. The Northern view was a 2 image stitch.

      I didn’t do a stitch with this angle as any wider to the right it would have blown out and any further to the left was crap…so the single shot sufficed!

  2. Very nice image indeed Mark the colours are awesome :).

  3. Hi Mark,

    Simply crazy colours weren’t they? Nice stuff mate.


  4. Great skies and very cool capture … i am drawn to the right hand side because the river has that nice gloss silky look to it similar to a previous post of yours … For me that look on the river was much better than was in the skies … Maybe I have been looking through the Hewitt camera eye piece a little too much LOL … Well not really you can never do too much of that …

    • Hi Neal,

      I have tried to make it as realistic as possible with what I saw on the night and have even desaturated the right hand side some to ensure the reds and yellows are not blown out and I think I have achieved that goal, so happy with that result.

      I also think that I prefer this version to the Northern view in some ways, but the North View is a pano so it will blow up larger.

      Thanks for the comment mate!

      • Yeah I think you have achieved what you set out to do … I wish I could take those waters on the right side and have them in several images. I like the smooth though not too smooth texture and the reflection is damn nice

      • Yes I know what you mean Neal…I spent a fair bit of time getting this image right actually as the colours were very difficult to manage!

  5. Freakin awesome sunset Mark ! gotta love it when it turns on a show all over like this, it doesn’t happen too often but when it does you remember it for ever ! Glad you were on to it and got out for these ones mate !

    • Thanks Tone Man…there was no way I was missin it after totally failing the mission for the sunrise!

      I woke up and meandered outside to see what was going on and was confronted with this awesome orange glow…wondering…what the hell is going on. Looked up and started balling….oh no the sunrise of all sunrises and I was now where near anywhere special to get it.

      So the plan was set in stone then…nothing was gonna stop me recovering at least a little bit by getting the sunset!

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